Stories of God's Love Preschool Parish or School, Ages 3–4 or 4–5


Using a 30-leaflet format, age-appropriate Bible stories from both the Old and New Testaments are told one week and are then followed the next week with a related real-life story. Children are able to easily connect God’s love, as depicted in the Bible, to their everyday lives.

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Stories of God's Love Kindergarten Parish or School


Touch children’s hearts with the message of Scripture and lay a firm foundation for your young learners who will be using Be My Disciples or another elementary program. Throughout 31 lesson leaflets, the children hear a story from the Bible one week and then the next week hear a contemporary story that relates the message from Scripture to everyday life.

Use Stories of God’s Love Kindergarten as the foundation for Be My Disciples and Blest Are We Faith & Word Edition.

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Blest Are We Kindergarten Parish or School


A solid foundation for learning about the Catholic faith.

Child/Student Edition
Packaged in a folder, the school edition consists of single-sheet daily lessons, and the parish edition consists of four-page leaflets covering 21 chapters. Each folder also includes 10 chapters for feasts and seasons, 18 cutout activities, and a family activity page in English or Spanish.

Catechist/Teacher Guides
A five-day lesson plan for schools and one-day-a-week lesson plan for parishes follow a simple three-step method: Engage, Explore, Respond.

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Faith First Kindergarten Parish or School


Built on the lives of today’s children to prepare them for tomorrow.

Child’s Book
Capture young children’s sense of wonder and build Catholic identity. Children will identify with our Faith First kids whose stories are woven through each chapter.

Catechist/Teacher Guide
The complete guide for use in both schools and parishes gives you helpful background essays, easy-to-use lesson plans, and informative parent pages.

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Catholic Prayers and Practices for Young Disciples


New resource for Early Childhood and Elementary children!

Designed specifically for young learners, this new booklet will help young disciples grow in their prayer life and Catholic identity as they learn about the prayers and practices of our Catholic faith.

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